Past Events

Our Style and Wellness Day, is a day to celebrate fashion, beauty, health and fitness with friends. It's a day of yoga, retail therapy, beauty and fashion education to ensure you leave feeling empowered and rejuvenated. We believe that aligning your inner self with your outer self is important for building your self esteem and confidence. Are you seeking to align your inner and outer self in a fashionable way? This is the event for you. 

Viva Botanica Fashion is 3D Fashion Art Event by Kaia Dublin & TABU the Artist, sponsored by the Botanical Garden and our FBP Network. Kaia & TABU are the future of fashion in Texas educating and connecting fashion, art and music entrepreneurs with technology. As the producers of the first Phygital (Digital and Physical) fashion show in Texas, they create 3D Fashion Art immersive experiences such as "Viva Botanica Fashion" in support of city programs, organizations and artists.